Our People

We are people that represent our culture and community, connected in making a better tomorrow.

Everyday we work to care, connect and create the impacts that enrich life.

Our teams entertain, inform and empower choice through memorable experiences and powerful African stories that are shared across breakthrough platforms.  

In every moment we are uniting the world in Africa, enriching the lives of every person to feel, experience and connect beyond their boundaries.

Come join us and let's enrich lives together.

As Africa's greatest storyteller, we are constantly looking for ways to bring the best entertainment to our customers. And we know that this is only possible with the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Our team is made up of talented individuals who are passionate about our mission to bring joy and inspiration to people across the continent. They are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience, whether they are watching the latest blockbuster movie, catching up on their favourite TV show, or discovering new content from Africa and around the world.

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