Founded by Vincent Maposa, Wetility is a hybrid solar solution that couples storage with affordable payment options and great customer service. South Africa is experiencing 10% increases in electricity tariffs annually and 860 hours of power cuts per year. The electricity sector in South Africa is a US$47 billion/ZAR751,06 billion market, with roughly 3.2 million households and SMEs paying an electricity bill of above US$99/ZAR1,582 per month. Wetility offers three main products:

1. We-X – an interactive and rapid system sizing tool as well as a remote monitoring platform.
2. PACE – a hybrid energy storage solution that houses a battery, switch gear and allows you to
seamlessly interact with the grid and access power from your hybrid rooftop solar system.
3. Payment Options – has a number of leasing solutions suitable for customers.

Wetility aims to grow from a US$1.5 million/ZAR23,970 million business to a US$142 million/ZAR2,349 billion business by 2026 by focusing on technology and innovation, customer service, and customer success.

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