SlikourOnLife is an online media streaming platform that connects artists to fans and brands. Currently, the music industry is divided into three sub-categories: the streaming subscription industry; the publishing industry; and the performance industry. The revenue for each is either fragmented, in silos, or exclusive to those in the know. SlikourOnLife aims to organise music revenue by consolidating these three industries on a medium that is in the form of a music streaming platform. Founded by Siyabonga Methane, aka Slikour, SlikourOnLife features a user account, family account, and business account, and allows businesses to book artists or acquire music rights. With 25 million visitors and 50 000 subscribers and US$4 million/ZAR63,920 million generated from advertising-funded revenue already, SlikourOnLife is the only platform globally that will make revenue from subscriptions and ads, and commission from publishing and performances.

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