Lizzy Kilani and Joy Makwela are the brain-women behind below-the-line marketing agency, Tick-A-Target. As the name suggests, they have created a business that ticks targets in a productive, efficient, innovate, educational, entertaining and profitable way. They specialise in sponsorship management, branding, PR and activations.

Tick-A-Target’s pride and joy is the MultiChoice Diski Challenge. They have been in charge of the tournament for 5 years, and have played an integral part in its growth and progress. The business’ goal has always been to create a working environment that feels like home; to create a space that every employee wants to be a part of.

The MultiChoice Innovation Fund has always been a great supporter of Tick-A-Target. It enabled the business with a grant, as well as a loan, to ensure they had the necessary tools and equipment when they added a new service that was not part of their initial offering.



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