Bubblegum Club

Founded in 2015 by Jamal Nxedlana and Lex Trickett, Bubblegum Club is a cultural organisation that works predominantly in the digital sphere through its digital publication, creative agency and community-focused initiatives within the cultural sector.

The organisation’s core services are digital strategy, multimedia content campaigns and graphic design. Their ambition is to create a global art and culture platform, based on the African continent.

They’ve applied their artistic and conceptual practice, and understanding of popular culture, to create content which dynamically and strategically communicates with a youth audience for their clients, including Adidas, the British Council and Budweiser.

They aim to grow their publishing arm into a global platform for African art and culture and hope to scale their operations from an agency to a multi-divisional company.

The support from the MultiChoice Innovation Fund will support the development and launch of a number of initiatives that are designed to grow their audience, scale up capacity and establish new revenue streams, fast-tracking their trajectory and moving them closer to their goals.



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