Frequently Asked Questions

You'd like to propose a new channel? Great! Here are some of the questions we've been asked before:
Can I submit my proposal for a TV show here?

No, you need to go to M-Net's corporate website to pitch your idea.

What types of channels is DStv looking for?

We want tried-and-tested channels that already have an audience, so we can determine whether adding them to DStv would make sense financially and technically. If your channel has been broadcasting on another television platform for a year or more, please tell us more about it! If not, please come back later.

How does MultiChoice decide whether a channel is going to work on DStv?

MultiChoice's decision-makers will review your channel proposal, taking several factors into account, including the current economic climate, our business strategy, satellite capacity and most importantly, what our customers want.

How do I submit my channel proposal?

We've designed a special submission form to help you. Please give us as much detail as possible, such as your channel's viewership figures, type of programming and where you are currently broadcasting.

What happens after I press "Submit"?
  • Our content experts evaluate all channel proposals to determine whether they meet MultiChoice's requirements and are the right fit for our viewers
  • If your proposal ticks all the right boxes, the content team will present your proposal to MultiChoice executives for approval
  • If you don't hear back from us within 90 days, it simply means your channel did not meet the required criteria.

What happens if my channel is accepted?

The negotiations begin!

What does it cost to have a channel on DStv?

Costs will be discussed after an agreement to carry your channel on DStv has been entered into. We can't give you a cost estimate upfront, but there are various costs that you, as a channel provider need to consider, e.g. play-out facilities, the cost of producing content etc.

If my idea is more for a TV show or film rather than a whole channel, what do I do?

MultiChoice only buys channels, not standalone programmes. But M-Net often looks for fresh content, so please go to M-Net's corporate website to pitch your idea.

What if I want to buy or rent a channel?

Unfortunately, we don't sell or lease channels.