Established in 1997, MultiChoice Tanzania has maintained consistent success in the market through consistent growth and investment in the Tanzanian media and entertainment industry. The company has maintained a very focused approach on meeting ever-changing consumer needs on service delivery, payment models and distribution, to provide top-class support services for customers in Tanzania.

MultiChoice has been operating in Tanzania for over 25 years and continues to grow and evolved, signifying a high level of creativity in content selection & delivery, exemplary customer experience, ease and convenience of purchase, digital options for subscription and the great ambition to remain at the top of the game in the Pay-TV industry in the country. 

Our picture of success embraces the Tanzanian consumer from meeting their basic needs to getting the best entertainment - and this value chain is entirely dependent on the collaboration with our partners, our communities and our country – which is why we will continue to grow our investments into our local creative industries, our employees and most importantly, our local communities. Over the last few years, Tanzanian filmmakers, media houses, scriptwriters and actors have seized the incredible opportunities provided by Multichoice Tanzania to create hundreds of jobs and thousands of hours of excitement and compelling content – an achievement which brings a sense of fulfilment towards enriching lives in our Nation.

Jacqueline Woiso
Managing Director, MultiChoice Tanzania

How we create social value

The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF)
MultiChoice Talent Factory Academy is a 12-month long film making boot camp where the aspiring film makers will be taken on an experiential and practical film-making journey that will result into highly competent graduates who are passionate, employable, and worthy entrepreneurial film makers. The program has benefitted a total of 13 young aspiring film makers from Tanzania, who have attended the East Africa MTF Academy to date since first launched in 2018.

Our alumni are now economically active in the industry, running a joint production company that works on various projects with local and international institutions including the M -Net commissioned films such as Mvamizi and Uncle which recently won the 2022 Zanzibar International Film Festival - Chairman Award.

The program has continued to pave successful alumni like securing full-time employment in various institutions i.e., Kefa Igilo, MTF alumni class of 2020 being employed at the National Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) working as the producer of the Current Affairs and Entertainment Programs on film segment.

The program also celebrates Wilson Nkya who won an award of the Outstanding Youth in Entertainment at the 2022 Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards and Priscilla Marialle won a Global Fund Competition to write and do a pre-production for a feature film titled The Space Maasai.

Contributing to Tanzania’s Economy

MultiChoice Tanzania is classified as a Large Taxpayer company by the Tanzania Revenue Authority and operates with a workforce of over 300 Employees across the country. In addition to the service and operations teams, the company plays a critical role in employment creation through the Door to Door sales model where an average of 1,000 youth have been deployed across all the regions and districts to ensure maximum reach of the DStv service to each and every citizen in Tanzania.

The employment value chain extends further with over 500 accredited and trained installers providing technical support to the DStv Subscribers and wider base of over 900 Dealers & Sub Dealers supporting the distribution network across the Regions.

Growing Tanzania’s creative industries

Our passion for and commitment to the African continent is unwavering as we pursue both the growth of our business and the upliftment of the communities in which we operate.

Tanzanian Film Industry
Through the Tanzanian dedicated Maisha Magic Bongo, Maisha Magic Poa and Maisha Magic Movies Channel local film industry has been promoted significantly.

About 200 local producers have got a platform for their productions aired on the MMB. These productions involve in excess of 2,000 actors/actresses and over 4,000 support staff. The channel has so far aired over 4,000 hours of fresh local produced content.

Maisha Magic Bongo and Maisha Magic Poa boost to carry over 90% of its content being Tanzanian . MMB is a pioneer and on the forefront in contributing towards the growth of the local film industry in Tanzania and across border through the world class standards in production quality. Apart from producers, we are also benefiting
local actors/talent, of whom we’ve worked with over 200 in our commissioned content alone.

MultiChoice Tanzania in partnership with the Film Board of Tanzania and Copy Right Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) conducted Series of Film Production and Copy right workshops across the country hence enhancing production knowledge and quality and at the same time raising awareness on copyrights.

MultiChoice Tanzania has played a very significant role towards development of the broadcasting industry through various programs including the world renown Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), Annual Media Showcase and other multiple initiatives which are jointly organised with the various stakeholders in the  public sector.



Hadelin Ndawala, Direct Sales Team Leader, MultiChoice Tanzania

Hadelin has been working with MultiChoice Tanzania for over 6 years as a door-to-door sales agent. He’s now a team leader of a cluster and also the best team leader in the country!

He started as a foot soldier over six years ago with MultiChoice Tanzania and now he is a Field Officer in an Installation Company. He was able to develop his interest in installation and grow.

Hudson Mwakilima, MultiChoice Tanzania Installer

Wilson Nkya, MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Alumni

Wilson had no film affiliation prior to joining the MTF East Africa Academy. Whilst at the Academy he discovered a new skill that is Production Design & Art Direction. He feels that the exposure and insights he gained at the Academy has put him on the right path to tell share his story and leave a legacy.

Leah Mwendamseke, Tanzanian Film Producer

Leah was born and raised in a middle-class family in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam. She has always had a passion for filmmaking and production and was among the many struggling artists with great stories and vision for our local film space.

Executive Management Team

The Board of Directors is comprised of five members bringing a wealth of experience, skills and diversity, under the leadership of Ambassador Ami Ramadhani Mpungwe. The Board is responsible and accountable for providing effective corporate governance, direction and control of the company.

The Company is managed by a highly skilled and diversified team of Tanzanians overseeing the day to day business functions as listed below:

Jacqueline Woiso – Managing Director

Godfrey Bwana – Head of Finance

Ronald Shelukindo – Head of Marketing

Nancy Bagaka – Head of Sales

Hilda Nakajumo – Head of Customer Value Management

Benson Magehema – Head of Operations

Tike Mwakitwange – Head of Human Resources

Johnson Mshana– Head of Corporate Affairs

Eriq Mfinanga – Head of DStv Business

Davis Mihyo – Acting Head of Customer Experience and Care

MultiChoice Leadership Profile

Contact information


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