Mozambique’s TV landscape was forever changed in 1995, when a bold new broadcaster entered the country. With the vision of bringing cutting-edge broadcast technology to Mozambique while simultaneously uplifting the nation through inspired corporate citizenship, MultiChoice Mozambique was born.

Fast forward to 2022 and MultiChoice Mozambique reflects on more than 27 years of enriching lives in Mozambique. Throughout the last quarter of a century, MultiChoice Mozambique has been a much-loved part of society, a friend who brings the family together to share precious moments and unforgettable memories.

“In line with our mission to make great entertainment more accessible, the company has remained true to its founding objectives. We cemented our position as a digital pioneer by introducing the first-ever satellite TV service to Mozambique, followed by the very latest in state-of-the-art hardware and on-demand video services and the first digital terrestrial TV platform for the exclusive broadcast of our GOtv service, in 2014”.

Agnelo Laice, Managing Director of MultiChoice Mozambique

MultiChoice Mozambique is a proud partner with various stakeholders in our country. These partnerships are all about our customers - the people we aim to delight every day - as they access our combination of world-class entertainment, news and sport. We believe that it is only through deep, meaningful and mutually-beneficial partnerships that we can continue to delight our customers and to grow the number of Mozambicans we reach with the power of our storytelling. We thank our many partners for their unstinting support over the years. Working together, with you we look forward to deepening the power of MultiChoice entertainment in Mozambique.

Agnelo Laice
Managing Director, MultiChoice Mozambique

How we create social value

Our business has grown hand-in-hand with our local economy – our footprint includes 180 local employees, 500 installers, four branches and over 600 touchpoints.

We believe a key ingredient of businesses prosperity and sustainability is having the right partners. By forging long-term partnerships with Government, the regulator, our national broadcaster, local audio channels and free-to-air (FTA) channels, we have contributed positively to the Country’s GDP (MCM & GOTV contribution for FY23 is $16m) and, in turn, enriched the lives of the people of our country.

Growing Mozambique’s creative industries

The company merges its passion for uplifting Mozambicans with its promise to provide outstanding content in its most ambitious corporate social value initiative to date – the MultiChoice Tale Factory (MTF).

This initiative aims to develop the next generation of Mozambican filmmakers and ignite the country’s creative industries, via a fully-paid 12-month learnership under the tutelage of some of Africa’s top creatives.

In 2018, the program kicked off with Gerson Amaral and Ludmila Mero representing Mozambique at the prestigious MTF Academy of Southern Africa in Lusaka, Zambia. Since then, the program has seen 8 Mozambican graduates, who have fully entered the local entertainment industry and made their mark. Amongst them is Nelson Omar Faquirá (Class of 2022), who is gearing up to produce his second fictional series for the Maningue Magic Channel.

Each success story from the program is an example that aside from being upskilled in all areas of film production, these students – and those who follow in years to come – will help grow Mozambique’s film and TV sector, while proactively feeding the country’s content pipeline with high-quality, original local productions.

This initiative demonstrates the breadth of MultiChoice Mozambique’s commitment to the country, which is underscored by its long-term partnerships with Government, the national broadcaster and regulator, as well as entrepreneurs and bright young talent to co-create a prosperous nation for all.

Enriching Mozambican Lives

Ludmila Mero, Mozambican Alumni Class of 2019, MultiChoice Talent Factory Zambia Academy

“I want to encourage more women to enter our creative industries, and work with them in creating amazing local content”

“We have to thank MultiChoice for all their support. They helped us through tough times”

Antonio Changule, Agent, MultiChoice Mozambique

Executive Management Team

 Agnelo Laice – Managing Director

Manuel Nhina – Head of Legal Counsel

Jovita Fazenda – Head of Regulatory

Maria Raposo – Senior Finance Manager

Saquina Macane - Head of Corporate Affairs Manager

Alzira Manejo – Head of Human Resources

Usman Olalekan – Head of Customer Value Management

Eric Chamane – Head of Sales

Laís Perreira – Head of DStv Business

Jónia Presado – Head of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Claudia Mabote – Head of Customer Experience and Care

Mauro Mac-Arthur - Head of Operations Support

João Ribeiro – Channel Head (Maningue Magic)

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