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Technophiles keep the systems running and the world turning at MultiChoice. They are the engineers, web and app developers, software engineers, systems architects and data specialists who enable all our innovative products and services.

These teams are known for tinkering, taking things apart to put things back together with enhancements, finding ways to innovate and improve performance, all while speaking a language of their own.

Sound familiar? Then explore tech jobs and flex your left brain.

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Software Developers

Software developers write the code that forms the foundation for the software programs we use to deliver our products and services to consumers.


Engineers design, build and test machines, equipment and systems that support and advance our business

SAP Professionals

SAP professionals are technicians, analysts and consultants with an intimate knowledge of SAP software who can use it for our Group’s purposes.

Security professionals

Security professionals protect our systems by maintaining barriers against external attacks and monitor internal systems for threats from within.


Testers at MultiChoice Group ensure the quality of our deployed systems and software through rigorous analysis and regular assessments.

Cloud Technicians

Cloud technicians are responsible for building and maintaining cloud systems for various uses from archiving to provisioning services to customers.

Security Professionals

Security professionals protect our systems by maintaining barriers against external attacks and monitor internal systems for threats from within.

AI Specialists

AI specialists are software developers and systems architects who are trained to work on artificially intelligent systems and complex neural networks.

Technology governance

Our technology governance officers are tasked with aligning the Group’s business objectives with our IT systems, ensuring that they are compliant and seamlessly managed.

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