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Behind the Screens: the diversity and inclusion conversation


Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords for the MultiChoice Group. They’re hardwired into our DNA.

Most discussions about diversity and inclusion at work lack enthusiasm. Business leaders approach transformation in the workplace the way they would an unreasonably high tariff levied on their businesses. They’ll pay it but they don’t like it.

This has two major, far-reaching effects. Firstly, it creates the impression that, despite the prevailing mandate, transformation isn’t important to the business. Secondly, it casts employees from marginalised groups in the stigmatised role of diversity and quota hirings.

The way we approach this at the MultiChoice Group is simple. We believe that inclusive workspaces are non-negotiable and that diversity and talent aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s working brilliantly for us so far.

Quality vs quotas

South Africans are all too familiar with the merit debate which argues that people should be hired based on their capacity to do the job and not the boxes they tick in a census. But a nuanced discussion allows us to see that sometimes the boxes that are ticked act as barriers which stand in the way of people proving their competency in a job.

A more diverse workforce is more creative, better at whole-picture solutions and more in tune with the sensibilities of the consumers it serves. Employees who work in inclusive environments are more aware of themselves and how the world perceives them while expanding their understanding of those who are different from them. Therefore, quality isn’t lost when diversity is sought after in earnest.

Part of the solution

Working for the MultiChoice Group means being surrounded by people from all walks of life with a vast spectrum of experiences. With this cultural interchange, employees set the stage for innovative thinking and social awareness.

We comprise 50 nationalities across all our brands, of whom 85% are African. The MultiChoice Group consists of 84% black people and 68% women. African leaders head up our teams and comprise 57% of top management.

Not only does the MultiChoice Group’s hiring policy keep social justice in mind, we also create a supportive and safe working environment for all our employees. We aim to create a respectful, non-discriminatory and productive workplace for everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and ability.

The issue of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a conversation we’ll be having for a while. Transformation is a continuous process and there’s always room for improvement. Our definition of what a truly representative workforce looks like evolves and constantly repositions the conversation – but the MultiChoice Group is always listening.


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